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An introduction to World Power Standards

Three phase rules supreme

In almost all areas, power is generated and distributed as a three phase suppy. Only the voltage, frequency, and end presentation differ. Further than that, the world breaks down into two camps, which are basically:

Single phase
voltage [note 1]
Three phase
voltage [note 2]
Examples where used
115V 208VUSA, Canada, Hawai
230V 415VEurope, Austrailia, New Zealand
  1. Single phase voltage is measured between phase (live) and neutral terminals.
  2. Three phase voltage is measured between two phase (live) terminals

Where three phase power is used with non-linear loads (such as stage lighting systems) it's important to note that nasty things happen with harmonics that can cause a large current to flow in the neutral conductor, larger in fact than any one of the phase currents. This is all a bit of a nightmare, which is why we have a section devoted to it.

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